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surasshu is a composer, electronic music producer, and sound designer from the Netherlands, specializing in chiptune music with a touch of sci-fi and horror.

As a kid, he was fascinated by video games and their peculiar music. A friend gave him a tracker on a floppy disk and jump-started his interest in composing.

surasshu then became an active part of the digital fusion community, practicing his technical skills by competing in one-hour composing battles. He later went to college at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, where he studied composition for media and received his Master’s degree in music.

surasshu is most known for his work with aivi & surasshu, who composed the instrumental music for the award-winning TV series Steven Universe. The duo’s productions for Rebecca Sugar’s vocal songs received praise internationally, and Steven Universe Vol. 1 charted on Billboard as #1 in independent soundtracks and #22 in the top 200.

​surasshu has enjoyed working on a variety of projects, from indie games to movie tie-in games for Nintendo handheld consoles. He prides himself in his musical versatility and delivering high quality music on time.

​When he’s not composing, he enjoys birdwatching, cooking, and board games. He currently lives in California with his partner aivi, their child, and two cats.

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